Wireless Hotspots

5SS - 5th Street School

  • Coverage in select locations

ARC - Paul B. Sogg Architecture Bldg

ASC - Academic Success Center

BDC - Bennett Professional Development Center

  •  Coverage in select locations

BEH - Frank and Estelle Beam Hall

  • First floor
  • Selected third, fourth, and fifth floor locations

BHS - Rod Lee Bigelow Health Sciences

BMC - Lee and Thomas Beam Music Center

BSL - William S. Boyd School of Law

CBC - Classroom Building Complex

  • Building A
  • Building B 
  • Building C

CDC - Central Desert Complex

CEB - Carlson Education Building

CHE - Chemistry

CSB - Campus Services Building

  • Coverage in select locations

CWH - Claudine Williams Residence Hall

DAY - Dayton Complex

DIN - Hazel Wilson Dining Commons

FDH - Flora Dungan Humanities

  • Full coverage on first and second floors
  • Select coverage in other locations

FND - Foundations Building

  • Selected first and second floor locations

FTC - Frank and Vicki Fertitta Tennis Complex

GPR - UNLV School of Dental Medicine: General Practice Residency

GRA - Grant Hall

GRS - Fine Arts Graduate Students Building

GUA - Greenspun Hall

HEA - Hendrix Auditorium

HFA - Alta Ham Fine Arts

HOU - Houssels Building 

HUH - Mitzi and Johnny Hughes Hall - Building A

HWB - Herman Westfall Building

  • Coverage in select locations

KRH - Kitty Rodman Residence Hall

LAC - Lied Athletic Complex

  • Coverage in select locations

LFG - Lily Fong Geoscience

LLB - Lied Library Building

MCB - Thomas & Mack Moot Court

MDC - Mendenhall Center

MFH - Margie and Robert Faiman Residence Hall - Building D

MPE - Paul McDermott Physical Education

  • Coverage in select locations

MSB - Robert Miller Soccor Building

MSM - Marjorie Barrick Museum

  • Coverage in select locations

O & M - Operations and Maintenance

  • Building 3

PAR - Paradise Campus

  • Coverage in select locations

PHB - Police Headquarters

RAB - Research Administration Building

RAJ - James E. Rogers Center for Administration & Justice

RHB - Gym Road Residence Hall - Building B

RHC - Gym Road Residence Hall  - Building C

RHW - Gym Road Residence Services Building

RWC - Student Recreation and Wellness Center

SAM - Student Affairs Maintenance

  • Coverage in select locations

SEB - Science and Engineering Building

SFB - Stan Fulton Building (International Gaming Institute)

  • Coverage in select locations

Sidewalk Cafe

SSC - Student Service Complex

  • Coverage in select locations

SU - Student Union

TAC - Richard Tam Alumni Center

  • Coverage in select locations

TBE - Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex

TEC - Technology Building

TON - Tonopah Residence Complex

UNH - University Hall

UTC - University Transit Center

WBH - William S. Boyd Residence Hall

  • Coverage in select locations

WHI - White Life Sciences

WBS - Wilson Baseball Stadium

WRI - John S. Wright Hall

WRL - Eugene R. Warner Residential Life Building